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Every day millions of people get sexually harassed around the world. Many use dating apps to find love but end up being harassed by users who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to verbally abuse and disrespect their victims, and the worse part, they usually get away with it!

Our Mission

We made this service to help victims expose the constant abuse that they suffer on popular dating apps and web sites, hoping that if enough victims speak up, the afformentioned apps and web sites take notice and do something about these toxic users that think that these acts have no consequences.

How You Can Help

Ever been harassed on a dating app or website? Next time it happens take a screenshot of it and Upload it to us, we'll make sure the world sees it! Furthermore be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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Tired of idiots harassing you on dating apps and web sites? Take a screenshot and upload it here!
It's time this improper behavior gets exposed!

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